Clearing WebLogic Cache

For those that use or support WebLogic — when deploying new code, configuration or if the app is behaving strangely — a simple, yet effective maintenance procedure to follow is removing the WebLogic server cache. The cache can be deleted […]

Finding the PID for a Port in UNIX/Linux

When troubleshooting in an enterprise where many individuals and applications are involved, rogue processes can be problematic. A nice tool to help identify what may be happening in your environment is included with most, if not all, UNIX/Linux distributions. If […]

Customizing JVM Memory Settings for WebLogic

When using the default configuration in a WebLogic domain, there is only one JVM memory setting used for every server. This can be very inefficient and problematic. When using Node Manager to control the servers, Custom Memory settings can be […]

Using the WebLogic Admin Console behind a Load-Balancer

The WebLogic Administration Console is one of the primary sources of configuration for WebLogic applications. When operating behind a load-balancer, redirection issues can occur when utilizing the default configuration. To ensure proper operation, the Frontend Host parameter for the AdminServer […]

How to Prevent Starting a WebLogic Domain as ROOT

In a UNIX/Linux environment, if an Admin logged in as Root ever starts your WebLogic domain forgetting to change to the application user first, it can cause serious problems. Ownership of key files is automatically updated to the Root user […]