Clearing WebLogic Cache

For those that use or support WebLogic — when deploying new code, configuration or if the app is behaving strangely — a simple, yet effective maintenance procedure to follow is removing the WebLogic server cache. The cache can be deleted one server at a time or for all servers in the domain at once. Note, the servers must be offline before removing the cache

  1. Logon to the WebLogic console
  2. Login

  3. Shutdown each server in the domain
  4. Shutdown

  5. Logon to the UNIX, Linux or Windows machine where the domain is installed
  6. Navigate to the server directories
  7. Within each server directory are two cache folders; tmp and cache. Delete each folder
  8. Cache

  9. Start the AdminServer
  10. Logon to the WebLogic console
  11. Start each of the Managed servers
  12. Starting

Upon server start-up, the tmp and cache folders will be recreated automatically and fresh cache rebuilt