SOA 11g Email Driver Properties Bug Work-Around

In a SOA 11g High Availability configuration (clustered), when following best practices and splitting the AdminServer and Managed Servers into separate domains there is a bug that prevents SOA Email Driver property changes from taking effect on all servers. The steps below include a work-around that corrects the problem. The AdminServer and all SOA servers should be running before proceeding.

  1. Login to the Linux Host and navigate to the AdminServer domain config directory

    cd ../aserver/SOADomain/config/fmwconfig/servers

    Rename the WLS_SOA1 and WLS_SOA2 directories as shown

  2. Login to Linux

  3. Login to Enterprise Manager and navigate to “Farm_SOADomain > User Messaging Service > usermessagingdriver-email (WLS_SOA1) > Email Driver Properties
  4. Login to EM

  5. Fill in the “OutgoingMailServer” and “OutgoingDefaultFromAddr” values as shown and click “Apply”. Repeat this step for WLS_SOA2
  6. Fill in MailServer

  7. Then, navigate to SOA > soa-infra > SOA Administration > Workflow Properties
  8. Workflow Properties

  9. Fill in the “Email: From Address” and “Notification Mode” as shown. Click Apply
  10. Fill in Workflow Email

  11. Bounce the AdminServer and SOA Cluster for the changes to take effect