IT Leaders concerns about Public Cloud security

Even with all the buzz about the Public Cloud (consisting of providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) IT managers are slow to embrace it. Their primary concern: Security.

When interviewing data center personnel, they aren’t that enthusiastic about the public cloud, and they don’t think it’s more secure. Most surveyed say the problem is largely coming from Shadow IT – (employees who skirt around their company’s IT department to set up applications on their own).

IT managers are finding it difficult to keep their applications and data safe in the cloud, and many are slowing cloud adoption because of it.

That was one of the findings of an Intel cloud security report that surveyed 2,000 IT professionals in different countries and industries last fall.

The issue isn’t with the cloud itself, since trust outnumbers distrust for public clouds by more than two to one, according to Intel’s survey.

IT professionals told Intel that shadow IT and a shortage of cybersecurity skills are causing the most problems.

The study showed that 49% of IT professionals said they have slowed cloud adoption because of a lack of cybersecurity skills, and 65% say shadow IT is interfering with keeping the cloud safe and secure.

Most Shadow IT employees don’t think through all of the security implications which can cause headaches for their company’s IT professionals down the road.

“IT is traditionally skeptical about security issues with the cloud”. “They are right to reserve judgment. Not all clouds are the same. Some are more secure than others. IT gets the blame if something goes wrong.”

Source: Computerworld