Custom Builds

One Custom Virtual Machine Template, created with the application(s) of the customer’s choice, is included at no charge per subscription commitment to the Savvco Private Cloud service. The customer is asked to provide requirements for their application needs. Savvco works with the customer as their representative to acquire the software media necessary for their unique template. Once created, the customer’s template can be used as many times as necessary to quickly generate unique environments up to the limit of the hardware resources included with their subscription. If further environments with different applications are needed, additional Templates can be created with costs calculated on a per hour to build basis.

(Example VM Template with Application(s) containing customizations)
Oracle® SOA12c Development (Single-Node Cluster)

  • BAM
  • ESS
  • OSB
  • WSM

Oracle® Database 12c
WebLogic Diagnostic Framework monitoring (WLDF) (alert emails sent to client)
Professional Network Monitoring Agent (alert emails sent to Savvco Admin)
Auto Server Start/Stop scripts configured for the Database and WebLogic
2 vcpu’s
16gb RAM
50gb SSD Storage