Secure Private Connection

Connect to your own Savvco Private Cloud network using one of two secure methods

  • Cisco® AnyConnect VPN client (on-demand; no special firewall configuration required)
    The Cisco® AnyConnect client allows the customer to connect to any Virtual Machine on their Savvco private network. Virtual Machines on the Savvco network can communicate with any resource on the same private network, but will not be allowed to communicate with resources on the network the customer is connecting from (i.e., Home or Corporate LAN)
  • Site-to-Site IPsec tunnel (always on; requires additional firewall configuration on the customer’s network)
    The Site-to-Site tunnel is always available; no client installation is required. The IPsec connection will, in effect, become an extension of the customer’s Corporate LAN. Virtual Machines on the Savvco network can have full access to any resources on the customer’s Corporate LAN if they choose to allow it