System Management

Complete Management and Monitoring of all Cloud Hardware & Virtual Machines is included with your Savvco Private Cloud service

  • Enterprise Class Distributed Monitoring Solution utilized for all Cloud Hardware & Virtual Machines
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is in place with Network Sniffers to monitor all traffic; IDS Signature Database is updated nightly to keep up with the latest threats
  • All maintenance and security patching for the Cloud Hardware & Virtual Machines is included with the monthly fee
  • Regular VM Snapshots are taken nightly
  • On-Demand VM Snapshots can be taken anytime
  • Snapshot Backups are scheduled to be kept for 30 days, then auto-deleted
  • Snapshot Backups can be kept indefinitely, if required
  • Regular Backups of the Cloud Hardware OS are taken as needed
  • Stand-by Cloud Hardware is available in the event of catastrophic failure and can be brought online within minutes
  • Seasoned Enterprise Level Experience for about 1/3rd the cost of an average full-time employee (based upon an annual service commitment)